January 19, 2010


 Hello Friends,

I think I have a Lizard story.  I tell you, my kids... don't yours give you things you could write a book about? Mine do... Joshua was full of it yesterday... so this about two events in the same day.

We were going over some school stuff, YES, he is a kindergartner this year. A precious one too. So sweet and just a little sponge. We were in a book, Community Helpers, and we were discussing Fire Fighters.  I knew somewhere in this discussion it would go to the 9-1-1 situation.  I have never taught Josh that number on purpose.  I have to much other stress in my life for him to check out that number on the phone.   I said, "Josh, there is a very special number you would call if mom or a fire broke out for you to call".... and he said.... OH OH OH... I KNOW IT , I KNOW IT... just so eager for a Kindergartner to say.... precious.... I said, Okay... what is the number??? I really didn't think he knew it.... He said, with all the anticipation he could say, 9-1-1, he said.  I was amazed.  I said, "How did you learn that?" From Ruff Ruffman... For you non-PBS viewers, it is a great show that comes on in the afternoon with real life kids doing projects and a very funny animated dog.  He has soaked in more than I knew he could. So... that leads to the subject of WHEN to call 911.   You mean mom, like the other day when you fell out of the computer chair.... NO... when I can't talk Josh.... or out cold... or fire... I'm sure we will talk more about this later.  The door has been opened to discuss it more.  I want to make sure he really understands why you would call 911.  I've heard the stories... you probably have one??

My second story goes like this:
We have always encouraged creativity with Josh... I buy probably 95% of his 'stuff' at goodwill/ thrift stores...  His hats... fun stuff...  He has a supply of hats he can change into and be different characters.  Last night, he decided that the four of us, each needed a hat.  So, he got each of us a play hat and demanded we wear it.  So.. can you see it, all four of us sitting on the couch each wearing a hat.  Me a baseball player, Paul a police chief, Micah a cowboy and Josh a fireman.   We sat there for a time until I said, do you realize how stupid we look sitting on this couch looking like this?  When the show was off, he wanted to carry out the hat mission of our hat.  So, I hit the police chief, which he arrested the cowboy and Josh put out the fire.  hahahah
That would be our evening entertainment.

Can't wait till Josh's next adventure. 

January 08, 2010

how cold is cold?

Here in the south... it's cold today.. really cold....
I think I would rather take snow than frigid temperatures...
but we get to break out the long underwear and wool socks and bundle up like snowmen.... by spring I will want to shed my clothes and not spend so much time getting dressed.

okay... stay warm america

January 06, 2010

Mouth Guards

Get this... my little guy wants me to buy him a mouth guard so he can fight himself. So... on my grocery list was a mouth guard and hey were only .99 cents... he loves it.. he's been fighting himself for the past 2 hours.. at least his face will be covered when he goes at it...

How funny is this?


Memphis is GETTING SNOW... doesn't happen to often and this soon in the month... it's going to be a cold one...

bundle up

January 05, 2010


Rebekah and Tim's grandmother arrived in SC safe and sound... yeah..... time to relax and get to work!!!

January 04, 2010

Mrs. Chapman has left the building!!!

My daughter is off to new adventures... traveling on to NC her new home.

The Gallina's will miss her. She is a great help and I guess i trained her well to start her new home.
At least she keeps telling me that...

Come back real soon you hear!!!

January 03, 2010



September 08, 2009


Hello Friends and family

Here is a picture of Josh at his first Art contest we had as homeschoolers.  K- is the grade... Sculpture is the category.  He placed 2nd place out of three entries.  He was so proud of his Lego creation.  YES, he created the whole thing all by himself.
He is really good with making and placing small things.  Maybe he will be an engineer one day!!

So... here are the photos of him and some he took also for fun!

September 01, 2009

Son in law Army!

Hello Friends,

Here is a picture of Tim  overseas.... if you are a friend of his, he has more posted on his Facebook!!

Just thought you would want to see him in his 'gear'.... him and Rebekah can talk more now with room internet.  Jed had this while he was there too.  Makes talking to your loved ones much better. 


August 28, 2009

Joey and Josh

Here are some pictures of Josh and one of Jed's buddies who came and stayed with us. Joey!!!
He was traveling down to his base in Texas. He has heard about our family and JOSH... Of course, Josh was everything he heard about.
Josh loved on him and played with him. We took him to our very favorite place, El Toros... mexican food his favorite!!

August 26, 2009





Here Joshua is pictured with some of his pictures I have taken at Tumbling class.  You can tell he is being at attention! There are two boys in the class and 8 little 'drama' girls! They are so precious! I will post more!



August 25, 2009



1. eat mushrooms
2. confront people
3. fix dinner when I am very tired
4. go to parking garages
5. have to kill a snake
6. have to kill a wasp
7. go hungry
8. work with a contrary lawn mower
9. be nauseous with out a cause
10. go to the hospital and have a baby
11. get lost with out a map
12. get less than 8 hours of sleep each night
13. go to the airport after 10pm
14. come home late by myself
15. procrastinate
16. wash dishes without my dishwasher
17. change purses
18. walk barefoot on rocks
19. come home to an empty house
20 get a root canal


June 20, 2009


Hello Friend and Family,
Burger King? Ever been there? My husband likes to frequent there... me... no.   But, when he goes and Josh is with him, he will get him a crown.   Have you ever read the inside rules of a crown.  One day when 9 boys were at my house and making much noise, the lone girl (the bride to be) decided to get into the act.
I was laughing up a storm, my husband was at the table and really wanted peace.  NOTTA....
She took the crown from the littlest one and started reciting the inside of the crown pretty loudly. So here it goes:
In a loud voice: I am the KING in her words, she was QUEEN
1. There can only be one King
2. The King always gets his/ her way.
3. The King must speak with some kind of cool accent.
4. The King makes all the important decision governing selections of TV channels, movies, radio stations , as well as popular activities like snowboarding, pool hopping and cow tipping.  The King also determines who gets the remote, who rides 'shotgun' and of course, who pays.
5.  Rule ends when Crown is removed for more than 3 seconds.
I dint' know there were rules. Did you know? I guess the littlest one can figure that out for himself later~ There are still many proclaimed Kings who live in this house.  The Queen never gets the remote. 

June 16, 2009


Hello friends and family,
Don't' you love summer?  time for friends and family.... One such day last week, we got to visit with two of Paul's aunts, Aunt Tubby and Aunt Rena.  Now her name is not really Tubby... but Lorraine.  Ever since I married into this family, Aunt Tubby has been the name.  She comes once a year to visit her family here.  She is the sister of Paul's dad, Joe.   I have dubbed them my crazy aunts.  They are so much fun to be around.  Just the the two of them span much history.  They are always telling stories of their families.   There is much history to learn from them two.  I treasure the time we have each time they are together.  I have a favorite photo of the both of them kissing on Josh when he was 6 weeks old.  I can see it on my mantel in 25 years of two dear sisters loving on their great-nephew.   Because I don't have a mantel, it's in my scrap book to treasure.
We met up at Taco Bell last week and shared a meal.  We could sit there all day and the neither of us would  get anything done except make memories.  So, our visit came to an end and we took pictures which is a Gallina tradition. 
Thanks Aunt Rena and Aunt Tubby!  We MUST do this again.

June 13, 2009


Hello Friends,
I always have something to blog because of my children.  My son Jed called yesterday and said he has a Army buddy coming thru Memphis and was stopping by.   This is always a stretch for me to stop what I am doing and accommodate the need.  Joey arrived around 4:30 pm  and just in time for a huge storm we had in Memphis.  The tornado kind.... when it passed we were treated to a dinner at the Bistro.  Paul made a shrimp pasta dinner for Joey.  Rebekah joined us because  the electricity was off in Millington.  Limbs everywhere and lights out everywhere.   She was not a happy camper when she joined us.   Josh had a grand time playing with Joey.  Of course Joey has heard all about our family and Josh.   We gave Joey enough ammunition to black mail Jed when he gets back..... oh the joy of photos!!   Josh loved his time playing and for a kid who stays home with his mom pretty much all the time, he has pretty good socialization skills.... sorry, for the 5th child and our lifestyle of home education, I just had to throw that in!
So.. here is a picture of Joey and Josh before both of them conked out for the night.  One  good thing of this trip, we will get to see how long of a drive it is from here to Ft. Drum~

June 01, 2009

Jed Fishing

Hello Friends and Family
Here is a picture, hot off the text.. via my computer, of Jed fishing and what he caught...
A Northern Pike... he said he has it in his refrigerator.   He said it was a 'big one'...  I wonder what Pike tastes like?  He has time to go fishing and loves it~! relaxing I"m sure!
Any now....  hope the meat will taste good, the drool under the mouth doesn't look appetizing! hahah

May 29, 2009


I'm trying to get back into the hang of writing. I think of thoughts all day and then need a place to put them. I really need a playback machine during my day. I'm beginning to think my 'thinker' is going bad. Right around late afternoon, all my brain cells have been used up. Ever have that problem? My friend teases me her 'rememberer' is gone. She can't remember anything anymore! I do have a family remember who falls in that category!

So here are my random thoughts:

1. When El Toros runs out of meat 45 minutes before closing, what do you do????

2. How long can you stand in a line at Walmart???

3 How fast can you mow your grass?

4. How many sticks can you constantly pick up from 50 year old oaks?

5. How many triangles can you find at Walmart? Theres a star on the front!

6. If only I could translate Osea 6:3 from Romanian to English

7. Only longing for a empty June calendar!~ NAWWWWWWW

8. What the heck is a net book?

9. Wishing Sams was in my back yard~! BIG WISHES!

10. Wishing to finish Alg 2~